Should You Take a Girl to a Restaurant on the First Date?

The first date is not always an easy-to-arrange event even for experienced men. Something can always go wrong, and no experience will help you fix unexpected situations. Interestingly, many men make the same mistakes all the time, without even suspecting that they are doing something wrong. Since the place where you go on the first date is highly important, you need to plan it in advance. So let’s talk about the places that are not recommended taking your lady to on the first date.


Some guys with a poor imagination invite a girl in a cafe for the first date. Of course, they want to make evening romantic, but in fact, it is not the case. The first date has nothing to do with eating and drinking; it is for knowing each other better. And if it is the goal you pursue, we recommend walking around in the city center or a park.


In many cases, it is also not worth going to the shopping mall. It is hardly the best place for having open communication with a girl. You will never know each other better if the girl is looking for a piece of clothing and her attention is concentrated not on you. Another thing is if you go to the grocery department to purchase products for joint cooking at your home. It will even be quite romantic.

Music Concert

Going to a concert of some rock band is also not a good idea, especially if it is the first date. On the one hand, you will have the opportunity to hug your girl; however, a music concert is a too-loud setting for an open talk. If you want to know each other better, it is better to select a less loud place.


Of course, you can go to a museum or an art gallery, but it may be boring to your partner. There is nothing romantic in this atmosphere, so there is no sense to use it as the location for your first date. 


Disco is a no-go for the first date. And there are many reasons for that:

  • If you do not dance well, then you will hardly make a good impression;
  • At the disco, unexpected meetings are possible, which can spoil your mood;
  • You may get drunk and lose control of the situation.

If it is not what you want, then you should think about arranging the first date in a different place. 

To Sum Up

The first date is extremely important for any couple. It can ruin your story or develop it into something beautiful and serious. That’s why you should plan each small detail of the date and make sure it goes smoothly.


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