How Lucky The Pet That Has A Cotton Bed To Sleep On

How Lucky The Pet That Has A Cotton Bed To Sleep On


In the lap of luxury, it was for me last night is what some of those lucky dogs out there will be saying to their pals the next morning while sniffing under their tails and marking their territory. The girls, on the other hand, will shyly look the other way as master makes his way to her yard. Perhaps she’ll be heading back inside just as soon as her mistress opens the backdoor. Who needs boy dogs when you’ve got a nice cotton bed to snooze in.

It will quickly be lights out for both girl and boy dogs while their feline nemeses simply purr themselves to snoozy sleep for all those lucky cats and dogs that have their very own special cotton pet bed for cats dogs to sleep on tonight. Or for that matter, right throughout the whole day while master and miss are at work during the day. Maybe these are the devoted pet parents who took time and trouble to learn a few interesting things about their little pets.

cotton pet bed for cats dogs

For instance, did you know why cats and dogs love to and must sleep for the better part of the day. Health and wellness advocates and medical science still recommends a minimum of six to eight hours sleep a night for humans, and preferably one that begins at a reasonable hour in the night. But for small cats and dogs it is an entirely different matter. The reason why they have to sleep so much longer than their human parents is because their metabolism is naturally so much lower than humans.

Who would have thought? And to think that some folks out there reckon that cats are such lazy and conceited creatures. Far be it from the truth.

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