Thoughts of Women Before the First Date

The first date is always exciting — you do not know what to expect and try your best for a partner to like you. That’s why you try to know what a girl thinks about before the first meeting to ensure everything you do is appreciated. Therefore, we have decided to ask women what they think and do when going on the first date.

They Do Research

Don’t you think the girl who goes on a first date with you does not know anything about your personality, temper, and life values? You can be sure she has already checked your contacts on social networks and knows everything you did the last and who you met yesterday. And it’s not that she is trying to control you; she is just afraid of missing out any important piece of information, which is only female curiosity.

They Compare Themselves with Your Ex

Browsing your old photos, the girl will compare herself with your ex. And it doesn’t matter if you dated her for a long time and if your tastes have changed. Therefore, do not be surprised if a girl asks you about your previous story.

They Inform Friends of Where They Go

When going on a first date, girls do not know what to expect from men. That’s why they share the information about where they go with their friends. Thus, a lady will always have someone to provide her with any type of support if necessary. 

They Think About Excuses

It may be so that you do not like each other on the first date. This is where a lady can use her excuses and leave the date earlier. Or she may regularly cancel the second date. If you feel that the next date is constantly being postponed, do the job for her — ask directly whether she wants to meet or take up the running to end the relationship yourself. 

They Eat and Drink Before a Date

Some women choose not to go on the first date hungry. They are not sure whether you go to a cafe or restaurant and prefer to eat before going out. What is more, some girls even drink a glass of wine before the first date to feel relaxed and self-confident.

Getting Ready for the First Date

Whatever thoughts you have before the first date, try not to idealize the meeting. Do not write a list of things to do/talk about, do not try to keep everything under control, enjoy the person and do not make a strategy. Let the story develop.

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