Speed Dating in 2021 Is for Adventurous People

Speed Dating in 2021 Is for Adventurous People

How do you understand the term “speed dating”? It’s a fast and very efficient way of getting acquainted with people on neutral territory. You don’t have much time for senseless conversations and ask direct questions to understand whether your interlocutor can be your match or not. You don’t base on feelings and emotions here. Speed dating means learning the basics about each other’s cultural background and views on life. Merely five minutes of communication with a stranger separate you from a potentially prosperous and beneficial future together. Time limits can be confusing, but they make you stay within the borders of the most essential expectations of yours.

Speed Dating Online in 2021 Is for Reasonable People

Such search requests as online dating Ukraine or Russian speed dating have become very popular. Many European men still think that speed dating in Ukraine and Russia are significantly different from the ones in western countries. In reality, there are no significant differences, except for the problem with the language barrier.

You can meet Slavic people even in the territory of your country. Many American and European big cities have large Russian and Ukrainian communities where you can find an educated woman ready to participate in a speed dating event in 2021. Speed dating is arranged through special agencies. The specialists aim to find you a partner matching your:

  • Religious interests;
  • Education;
  • Cultural background;
  • The vision of a perfect relationship;
  • Interests, favorite pastimes, and aspirations.

Regular dating can be very daunting and time-consuming. A couple of fails can fully deprive you of any inspiration to find a partner. A speed dating agency simplifies the process.

Don’t forget to follow the rules.

Rule #1: Speed Dating Demands a Bit of Effort from Your Side

It’s a very rational process where smart online algorithms are replaced with the work of experienced matchmaking professionals – psychologists and IT specialists. Nevertheless, you should also learn how to produce the first impression on your potential partner:

  • Be neat;
  • Stay sober;
  • Demonstrate open-mindedness and readiness for a conversation;
  • Radiate tolerance, generosity, and flexibility;
  • Feel free to ask any questions you find important – you don’t have time to waste;
  • Be prepared to answer any questions, especially if they are the same questions you’ve already asked.

If you do have a sense of humor, and your friends are sure of it, demonstrate it in the dialogue. Be witty and show off your smartest qualities. Alcohol is restricted. Of course, you can pour yourself a glass of wine or champagne if offered by those who arrange the event. But you should remember that glass in your hands can partially hide away your worries and hesitation. Express the real you and the best of you. Always remember that you don’t have much time.

Rule #2: Every Second Is Precious

  • Make a list of questions and take it with you. It’s a normal practice for speed dating. This way you will never forget about the essentials and demonstrate your thoughtful and practical nature.
  • Luck will only pay you back if you are reasonable about your expectations from a potential partner. Speed dating demands concentration on communication and fast reaction. Be frank, precise about what you say, and don’t conceal anything. If you fail your first dating event, the second one will be smoother.
  • Avoid discussing superficial things and concentrate on what you want to see in your partner. Aim to find a common ground. Discuss how you see your future, whether you’re willing to have kids or not, or merely start speaking about the characteristics you consider essential.

Don’t be afraid of making a mistake. Speed dating is about trying, not about failing.

Self-Marketing Is Crucial

Of course, you should be as relaxed as possible, but you should also be concentrated on your best qualities. Showing off the real you means presenting yourself in a positive light.

Of course, we all have drawbacks, but the merits of our character are more powerful and important. In the end, people are changing with the circumstances.

Marketing yourself means:

  • Showing how intelligent you are through words but not through boasting;
  • Speaking out about your skills if you have some;
  • Discussing your possible future without fantasizing but basing on your existing abilities and circumstances.

Being yourself means being real and realistic. You should be prompt and frank with your answers.

We’ve already mentioned that you should have a sort of plan to follow if you’re willing to succeed in speed dating. Make sure your plan includes:

  • A mini shortlist of your potential partner’s characteristics;
  • Your realistic goals and plans;
  • List of topics for discussion.

Discuss whether you’re willing to make a family with a strong household or to travel the world. Are you planning to develop a casual relationship first? Present yourself and say about your dreams and aspirations. Speak about the things that inspire you in people. Be truthful.

Topmost Issues for Speed Dating in 2021

If you’ve never participated in speed dating events, be prepared that it has nothing in common with what you expect. It’s not a regular date that can be planned and arranged in line with your expectations. You won’t have time to pretend and control the situation. It’s a routine interaction aimed to become something meaningful. Remember about the following:

  • Sincerity;
  • Prompt reactions;
  • Inclusiveness;
  • Tolerance;
  • Courtesy.

And don’t let your doubts spoil the process. You are not the only one nervous and anxious about this event. Remember that a stranger in front of you can change your life once and forever. All these people talking in one room share a common objective, and you are most likely to succeed in this society.

Speed Dating Online is Similar to Regular Dates

Speed dating is rapid and prompt, but it mostly follows the same communication rules as habitual dating. You have no more than 5 minutes to produce the right impression on a stranger. It means that you shouldn’t forget about:

  • Proper clothes. Any of your daily clothes will do. Your outfit should be comfortable and make you feel confident. Don’t buy anything special for a speed date. Otherwise, you won’t manage to concentrate on communication.
  • Clean speech. Avoid cheesy jokes, obscenities, and bad language, even if you’re trying to present it as a joke. Don’t talk politics and avoid discussing sex.
  • Smart manners. Be careful about touching – show respect to the personal space of your interlocutor. A handshake is fine. A hug is rarely acceptable. Kisses are restricted unless it’s a mutual act.
  • Spirituality. Talking about religion does not make much sense for a 5-minute conversation. But you do have the right to specify whether your interlocutor belongs to any religious confession. Remember that you don’t have the right to criticize anyone for the choice of faith. You can merely express your opinion politely.
  • Education. A strong relationship occurs between people with the same intellectual development. Share info about your education and ask your interlocutor to find out whether you have points of convergence.
  • Jobs. It’s crucial to mention the working schedule so that your professional duties could not interfere with your potential relationship.
  • Goals. You and your soul-mate should walk together, hand-in-hand, in one direction. There’s nothing wrong if your temper and character are different, but your life goals will help your couple remain connected through the years.

Don’t be afraid if something goes wrong. Remain smart and consistent. Quit the conversation and politely say goodbye. Say thank you for a conversation and don’t be aggressive even if something caused your emotional disturbance. Even the most unsuccessful conversation should be regarded as a beneficial experience.

Now let’s talk about the conversation starters suitable for a regular speed date in 2021.

30 Key Questions to Ask on a Speed Date in 2021

Lack of ideas does not mean you won’t find a suitable conversation starter for your speed dating partner. The following list of questions will help:

  1. How do your friends or colleagues nickname you?
  2. What do you do in life?
  3. What’s your well-loved pastime?
  4. Is there anything adventurous you would do if you had a million dollars?
  5. What do you remember about your birthplace?
  6. Do you consider politics interesting for discussion?
  7. What kind of a partner would you lie to have on a desert island?
  8. Can you cycle? Who taught you to cycle?
  9. Is there a person in this world who you adore for specific qualities?
  10. Are there any household chores that you enjoy doing?
  11. What was your favorite subject at secondary/high school/college?
  12. Have you ever joined any clubs?
  13. Is there anyone in this world who you would like to meet and talk to?
  14. Are you sociable?
  15. When you were a child, what was your most precious dream?
  16. Do you want to improve something in you?
  17. What’s your attitude to tattoos, piercings, and other body modifications?
  18. Can you use only three words to describe yourself?
  19. Who is your favorite celebrity?
  20. What’s your strongest fear?
  21. Did you like your last birthday celebration?
  22. Which one of the seven dwarfs is your favorite?
  23. Do you have something hanging on your bucket list for a long time?
  24. What is the most disgusting food or drink you’ve ever tried?
  25. What is the most delicious thing you’ve ever eaten?
  26. Do you have any siblings?
  27. Do you have anything to be proud of?
  28. Is there anything crazy you would like to do but cannot make up your mind?
  29. Do you have any skills to become a celebrity?
  30. What would you do first if you had enough money for it?

Some of the questions are aimed to release the tension and break the ice. Some of them are destined to find out more about the deeper psychological characteristics of a person. Find the right balance of questions for a conversation not to make it confusing. To make sure there won’t be an awkward silence, check your question list and answer each of these questions yourself. This way you’ll understand whether the choice of questions is right.

Is Speed Dating Efficient?

The experience of happy couples acquainted through speed dating proves that this tool is efficient. It’s a very practical and time-saving procedure for busy people willing to build a relationship right from the start, without tiresome dates and long conversations that can lead to nothing.

All singles present at a speed dating event are united with one aim – relationship building. This 5-minute conversation with several people at a time will help you concentrate on your goals as well. This short time will help you find out more about several people on one single date.

Speed Dating in 2021: Bottom Line

Here’s the short list of things you have to stick to:

  • Come as early as you can to start communicating;
  • Don’t concentrate on the appearances of people;
  • Be sincerely interested or don’t come here at all;
  • Regard it as entertainment;
  • Be prepared for all kinds of questions;
  • Don’t be afraid of potential confusion;
  • Follow the rules established by the mediators;
  • Avoid hasty reasoning;
  • Avoid alcohol abuse;

Analyze your doubts and behave naturally.

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